Brand & Marketing
Case Study


Client: SWCorp Malaysia

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Utilising brand and marketing to ignite responsible waste management.


To launch a PSA movement to encourage public towards self responsibility in waste management.


  • Our strategic communication crafted a compelling message conveyed through both traditional and digital channels to inspire a cleaner Malaysia, driving awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility
  • By leveraging the power of both traditional and digital mediums. Our strategic communication crafted a compelling message, engaging a wider audience toward the collective movement of cleaner Malaysia.


  • Produced a 60 sec, 30 sec live action and a 10 sec animated TVC all of which were broadcasted on Media Prima & Astro TV stations. 
  • Collaborated with 50 micro-influencers who generated over 100 Instagram posts and 2,000 tweets, resulting in more than 20 million impressions.

Impressions generated through social media.
Reach being achieved where awareness was spread through TV channels.

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